Links to the Project Partners; who we are and how we support your project wherever it is, no matter how difficult the task or environment

Who We Are
We are a group of international companies who have come together as a consortium. We are:
We facilitate public or donor-funded development projects and private investment projects in difficult parts of the world.  

The aim of the group is enable major development agencies and corporate investors to outsource key support services and activities. Our Group of specialist companies offers bespoke packages of management and technical services to enable you, our client to successfully achieve your desired outcome.  

We understand that many investment groups, perhaps your own, have significant investment interests in very difficult areas.  We offer a combined package - tailored to the exact physical, human and investment terrain - that takes care of the externalities e.g., dealing with the local communities who are impacted by the project, or providing a short-term specialist TA in support or training local security persons in up-to-date information-based. low profile security techniques. We also understand that having an external watchdog (M&E and compliance - QA.QC) is often helpful.

We are an international consortium of allied companies capable of operating effectively in difficult human or physical environments.  We provide a range of services from logistics to specialist technical advisory.  Very often investment requires some level of community interaction outside the immediate business model. Our consortium, because of its diverse background, understands the need for this kind of social "influence" and can help work with a project to ensure that it "fits"both the investors needs and that of the local stakeholders and communities. We prefer to work through local partners which we currently have in Afghanistan, Laos, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Thailand. We are operating in the world's most difficult places, but especially in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Methods and People
Our consortium is available to back a local NGO or company that bids on the main contract via sub-contracts - in a sense reversing the conventional approach where the international contractor has always taken the lead and brought in local partners as subs. Most large contractors or consultancies, especially based in the USA, would not consider this new approach. However we understand that in a new world, up-front contracting by foreign firms is often problematical.  We prefer to offer very specialized, low profile but high-end services to build local capacity.

All our key staff have years of experience in their professional areas of expertise.  Our support is nuanced and aimed at working with local groups, NGOs and companies to accomplish their goals and objectives

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You can contact me, Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin, as Consortium Coordinator by email at: or skype me on geoff.q.bastin.

Note and disclaimer:  "Project Partners" is a description of a group of named companies which have come together by mutual agreement to provide joint or single services to clients.  Membership of the group does NOT imply or transfer group responsibility or liability for the outcome of projects undertaken by the individual member; contracts and service agreements will be undertaken by the individual members as circumstances require and any liability lies where it falls with the particular contract.