Coordinator's Message

Welcome to Project Partners!

This web site is a portal with links to each member's site.  Please use it to get an overview of the various geographies and services covered by our network, but please do contact individual companies directly for further business discussions and more information.

PP is NOT a business itself, rather a means of facilitating business between trusted enterprises each of which is known to me personally and with whom I have worked directly in the past.  I can't guarantee the individual Partner's work on any given project, but I can personally vouch for the companies and their approach to business, which is above all transparent, aimed to achieve the highest standards, professional and based on a wealth of experience.

The idea of this group is to provide clients - who are likely to be in both public and private sectors - with the opportunity to outsource key elements of their activities to professionals who have very close links with local enterprises in some of the most difficult areas of the globe.  The idea of a "local face" is central to our approach.  Increasingly international companies, donors and aid agencies will need to work with and through guaranteed, trusted local partners who have the capacity both to undertake the work and meet international compliance standards. 

Project Partners provides a core of international expertise and a widespread network of regional and local operating partners.

My own role in the network is as a facilitator.  I'll provide information and coordination and help broker partnerships and JVs for individual projects.  My personal services to the Partners are available free of charge and I'm here to help with writing proposals, business contacts and with general advice if it's needed and useful. Of course my own company, FoodWorks, will participate in projects on a commercial basis where appropriate.

I wish everyone success in their endeavours,

Geoff Quartermaine Bastin

Contact me any time on or via skype on geoff.q.bastin