Management consulting focused on assisting foreign investors achieve success in Asia


Tractus is Latin for progress. As a strategy and operations management consulting firm, we help provide our clients with the means to achieve their business goals in the region.

Tractus delivers value to clients. We continually build our knowledge and expertise through direct experience. We work to develop the most cost-effective strategies for our clients to establish operations, to make acquisitions, to expand, or to diversify their manufacturing and service industry investments throughout Asia.

Tractus' multi-cultural team is comprised of individuals with expertise in engineering, the sciences, financial and operational analysis, applied economics, and business with wide ranging experience operating profitable manufacturing and service businesses in Asia over the last two decades. Our team's breadth of experience and expertise brings a unique commercial perspective to our advice and assistance that few other firms can match.

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John EvansManaging Director

Dennis Meseroll, Director

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