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Agricultural Development

Agricultural development is the bedrock of economic growth in third world countries.  Typically agriculture employs the larger number of people in growing populations and is critical for food security. 

EXPERIENCE, International, Inc. (EI)
was formed in 1963 and registered in the United States. In 2008, EI was awarded a subcontract to provide management and information services to the Capacity Building Program for FATA Development ($4.5 million for 3 years, with DAI as prime contractor) in Pakistan. EI was also awarded a subgrant to do agricultural sector development, monitoring and evaluation, and information technology for the FATA Livelihood Development Program (north) ($3.9 million for 2.3 years, with the Academy for Educational Development as prime grantee). In 2010, EI joined with Winrock International to implement $15 million USDA project to improve horticulture production and marketing in Baluchistan province in Pakistan. 

International Partner:  Experience International, Inc.

Head, Agricultural Development:  Donald R. Mickelwait


Photo: Harvesting wheat by hand in Pakistan