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Fisheries and Aquaculture Development

Fisheries are becoming more and more important in a world increasingly short of protein.

Partners have undertaken numerous studies and project development work in fisheries and aquaculture in Africa, the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific region.  Our work has ranged from artisanal fisheries sponsored by donors to commercial investment and planning the re-development of Karachi main fish harbour.  

In recent years the emphasis in fisheries has moved away from increasing fishing effort and towards better management which leads to sustainable exploitation of the resources and ensuring that catch rates are maintained.  Sufficient emphasis has to be placed on enforcement and the reduction of IUU fishing, as well as the precautionary approach and the ecosystem approach to management of fish stocks. 

Quality control is also vital.  Post -harvest losses, which can be as high as 15% of the catch, are reduced through better handling and processing, from capture to consumer.   Additionally better handling leads to better prices, and quality control, through the whole cool chain, is becoming more and more important with export markets demanding adherence to HACCP and ISO standards, as well as implementing stringent import regulations for fisheries products (as practiced by the EU).

Aquaculture offers much potential in many areas, partly due to the mismanagement of wild fisheries leading to declining catches.   Aquaculture can help to fill the gap in fisheries supply locally and can also be a valuable export earner.  Partners have extensive experience in direct investment in aquaculture in Thailand (tilapia) so bring to the table commercial knowledge and business experience together with the ability to plan and design projects.

International Partner: FoodWorks

Head, Fisheries and Aquaculture Development: Robert Lindley


Photo: Fishing boats near Hub in Balochistan Province of Pakistan