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Management and Information

Successful project results rely entirely on management having full and complete information. Monitoring and (later) the evaluation of project interventions are seen by Experience International, Inc. (EI) as key management and planning tools that are integral to the success of any project.  There is a need to establish benchmarks for measuring key strategic indicators and produce the data that indicates when the project requires changing direction according to circumstances.  The M&E Director must report to the Project Manager and be part of the program management group. 

Garnering the necessary primary data, particularly in conditions of civil disruption or recovery from a disaster, is a challenge that EI is fully aware of.   The company provided Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) service to the Agricultural Reconstruction of Iraq project and has more recently undertaken such work in Pakistan in the FATA (tribal) areas, developing a model approach acceptable to USAID's stringent requirement for indicator measurement and reporting.

International Partner:  Experience International, Inc.

Head, Management and Information:  Donald R. Mickewait


Photo: Flood emergency map, Muzzafaghar District, Punjab, Pakistan