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Jetspark Specialist Support Services specialises in the delivery of Counter-Insurgency (COIN) and Community Stabilisation training.  The company’s Security Division focuses on the delivery of security training for individuals and organisations operating in post-conflict and disaster zones;

JSSS programmes deliver:

  • Safe and successful operation in hostile environments.
  • Education to place the actions of the individual and organisation in to the political and strategic context of the location.
  • Review and audit of the client’s own security arrangements and subsequent training.

Training solutions are modular and are designed to cater for the widest range of requirements.

They include:

  • Residential lecture-based course in Stabilisation Operations delivered at the client’s home base,
  • Practical security and risk management course delivered at our training establishments in either the UK or Thailand,
  • On-location security awareness and incident prevention course delivered at a client’s overseas outpost.

We combine expertise from across all security sectors focussing on air, ground, maritime and cyber environments. 

Geographically we have a focus on the Middle-East, Af-Pak and East Africa, however we can broaden this scope if required. 

Our permanent staff and consultants have practical and training experience in the civil and military sectors in addition to working  with regulatory bodies and development agencies.

Strategic analysts continually assess global threats in order to ensure that our unique training and support solutions remain representative and responsive to the threats faced at each level that we train to. 

Training solutions are bespoke and designed to meet the unique requirements of each training intervention.  Services range from training design, through delivery, to training audit.

 Crucially we are not a security provider; this allows us to remain objective as a training designer, provider and auditor.

We have two residential training locations: one in Norfolk, England, and the other in Lopburi, Thailand.  Both are self contained residential units which allow training packages to be tailored to client requirements.  Both are within easy reach of international airports and major cultural centres.  They are also adjacent to large live-firing areas that are used to meet those relevant training objectives.  The locations are discrete and self-contained and offer clients privacy and the ability to focus on the training objectives. 

International partner: Jetspark SSS

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Photo: Liaising with the military in Kandahar, Afghanistan