Central Asia

IG Company Limited - trading with Central Asia and the World
UBI Consulting LLC - consulting in development throughout Central Asia


IG Company has been successfully in business 10 years. It is based in Tashkent but trades throughout Central Asia and particularly Afghanistan. The Company trades in edible goods - wheat, wheat flour, cooking oil, construction materials - cement, reinforced steel, chemicals - caustic soda, fertilizers etc. The company is open to new directions of business and new fields of activity.

IG also is our Partner in Afghanistan.

UBI Consulting LLC
is a Central Asian professional group providing services to customers across the public and private spectrum. UBI Consulting was established in response to the increasing rate of change in international development in all Central Asian countries. The company specializes in strategic studies, feasibility studies, and evaluation activities and project experience that each consultant brings to assignments and already worked in following countries: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

The company has just contracted two new projects:

1. Research the changing of farmlands and owners project of JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences) in Uzbekistan.

2. Development of Management of leaching water amount and analyze the soil in Uzbekistan project of JIRCAS (Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences).

 Key Contacts

Isaac Ghafarshad
Chairman and Managing Director
Email: igcompany2004@yahoo.com

Jamshid Ganiev
Managing Director
Email: jamshid_ganiev@ubi.uz